When you consider how to effectively light your home, the outdoor area is often an afterthought.  

However, there are a string of benefits associated with installing the right lighting outside, from illuminating your patio for night-time entertaining to improving your home security. 

If you are a little stuck for ideas on how to use outdoor lights to illuminate and invigorate your outdoor area, we are here to enlighten you with all the inspiration and tips you need.

1. Light the Path

Even if you feel like you know your outdoor path like the back of your hand, having bollards or other lighting along your path is a worthwhile investment for guests, visitors, children and even pets who might be venturing outside in the dark.  

A perfect solution for illuminating your path at night is with the Harbour Post with Louvre in silver. These stylish, yet durable garden lights add a touch of elegance to your garden during the day and light the path through your outdoor area at night

2. Layer your lights

Does your outdoor space have several uses? Maybe you like to occasionally entertain, but you also need backyard lighting for the workspace in the corner and some general lighting for when you forget the washing is still on the line at 10pm and it’s raining. 

Layering your outdoor lights is a great way to achieve substantial lighting for your specific needs, allowing you to change the atmosphere from outdoor entertaining to ambient within seconds. 

When layering outdoor lights, there are three different types of lighting to consider: ambient, task and accent. 

Ambient Lighting

The role of ambient lighting is to effectively illuminate the entire space and create an inviting atmosphere. Types of lights that you can use to achieve this include down lights, wall lights, ceiling lights and bollards.

Fairy lights and other decorative lights can also be classified as ambient lighting, as they help to set the ambience of your outdoor space. 

Task Lighting

Task lighting is often referred to as functional lighting, as it offers lighting for a particular task. Examples of task lighting include a pendant light over an outdoor table, a spotlight above a barbeque or flood lights to provide safety and security.

Accent Lighting 

This type of lighting is used to accentuate parts of your outdoor space, such as sculptures, trees or other noteworthy architectural features. 

Accent lighting can also be used to softly outline steps, acting as a safety feature as well as a decorative one. 

For an effective outdoor light to provide accent or ambient lighting, check out the Spectrum Spike Light, which is ideal for lighting up your pathway or illuminating aspects of your landscape. 

3. Clear Globe String Lights

There is something whimsical, magical and completely dreamy about string lights, which makes them the perfect choice for your backyard if you are looking to create a romantic, homely and cosy ambience.

String lights can be used to create a soft, warm glow around your alfresco area, fences, porch or entertaining area – just make sure they are meant for outdoor use!

4. Front Porch Lighting for Looks & Safety 

We’ve all been there – you planned to be home before dark so you didn’t turn the porch light on, so now you’re juggling your bag, phone and wallet in the dark while trying to find the right key for the front door.

We have a solution: install some of our classic coach lights. Coach lights look great, effectively light up your front porch and come in varieties with or without a sensor, so you don’t need to remember to turn them on before you leave. 

5. Spotlight for Hidden Features 

Just because Mother Nature has turned off the lights for the night, it doesn’t mean your beautiful garden should be thrown into darkness.  

Spotlights are an ideal way to highlight certain areas of your backyard, so you can enjoy them any time of day.  

One of our favourite backyard lights for highlighting your hard is the Albion Silver Bollard, which is both decorative and practical. These bollards can be used to illuminate your garden or your pathway.

6. Wireless Sensor Light 

Our last recommendation for outdoor lights are wireless sensor lights, which proivde that extra sense of safety for you, your family and your home. 

These lights are a cost-effective lighting solution, as they only turn on when the sensor is triggered. This is an incredibly helpful feature if you have pets who need to be let outside at night or you arrive home with your hands full after dark. 

Sensor lights also act as a deterrent to criminals, as they often look for dark, unsecured spots around your home to break in.

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