Lighting can be the difference between a room feeling large, warm and welcoming, or stark and stagnant. There are so many ways to hang lighting to achieve ambience and balance in any space. Whether your goal is grandeur, cosiness, comfort, efficiency or warmth, lighting is one of the fundamental design elements you need to consider.

In this blog, our Perth lighting designers will share tips and tricks to help you plan the perfect lighting. From the best pendant lights in Perth to beautiful bulbs that are a feature in themselves, everything you need can be found in the expansive Lightingales showroom in Claremont.

But before you visit our Perth lighting studio, read through the below guide to understand just how diverse and effective the right lighting can be.

1. Make a plan

Even a mini lighting plan can save you from disappointment when renovating or rejuvenating a space. Don’t leave lighting until last; instead, plan out your approach to ensure the room feels cohesive and comfortable. 

What to consider in your lighting plan

  • What happens in the room (eating, sleeping, watching TV, entertaining)
  • Your budget
  • Surrounding décor
  • Daylight and after-dark use
  • Key features you want to highlight
  • Existing wiring and electrical considerations

Planning ahead means a more tied-together feeling throughout your entire home. Here’s a tip: plan lighting at the same time as you plan furniture, paint colours, and details like door handles.

2. Layer the lights

Pendant lighting is a diverse design tool. You can use layering to create a sense of height, or cluster lighting together to create a cosy café feeling in your own home. Match your pendant choice to existing décor for consistent floor-to-ceiling styling. 

Our favourite Perth pendant light at the moment is the Diaz 6-light brass pendant. Perfect for any warm living space, the brass accents and bare bulbs pair well with metal, leather, wood and natural tones.

You can easily find pendants to suit soft cosy styling (in bedrooms and home libraries), useful and efficient rooms (the kitchen), and sleek modern spaces (foyer and hallways).


3. Is the lighting right for that space?

Lighting should be as useful as it is aesthetic. What do we mean by that? Consider the kitchen: action happens in focussed hot spots, and you need to see clearly. So dim or diffused lighting might not be the best choice unless you plan to complement diffusion with focused downlights. 

Style plays a part, too. Once you know what function the lighting will have, get creative with the form. One of our favourite pendant lights for home offices and modern living rooms is the Creon 2-light pendant. The sleek modern lines and gentle curves achieve a bright, vibrant, contemporary feeling while providing plenty of useful working light.


4. Choose the best bulb

Globes come in all shapes, sizes, colours and strengths. Finishing your new lighting with the right globe is the icing on the cake: when you get it right, the results are delectable. 

How to pick the best globe

  • Will the globe be visible or hidden?
  • Consider the colour temperature (warm orange, or cool white?)
  • Make sure it suits the lampshade
  • Pick the right strength to give sufficient light
  • LED and energy-efficient globes can save on power costs

Lightingales’ Perth lighting warehouse has a wide range of bulbs, including those on our website and many more. If you are looking for something specific, get in touch directly. Or if you are baffled by bulbs, simply call or visit and we are guaranteed to find a solution to suit your lighting design.

5. Using spotlights effectively

Spotlights are versatile and clever when used correctly. They can draw focus to a feature decoration, serve as useful lighting in a busy kitchen, and create a sense of space in small rooms. 

Where spotlights are spectacular

  • Hallways, to create a gallery feeling
  • Kitchen, for practicality and vibrance
  • Living rooms, to highlight your favourite feature wall, furniture, or wall hanging
  • Small spaces like the laundry (bounce spotlights off the walls and ceiling)
  • En suite and powder rooms for dramatic mirror lighting

You can imagine the Alecia brushed chrome spotlight in your living room, bathroom or small kitchen. With three angled spots and a slimline finish, you decide whether to go for subtlety or show off your favourite piece of art.

The key for spotlights is to position them just the right distance away from the thing you want to highlight, for even lighting without coming on too strong. 

6. Make people feel welcome

We’ve talked a lot about ‘warm’ lighting. But what is warm lighting, and how do you achieve it at home? If you have ever walked into a café and immediately felt comfortable, or visited a friend’s house for dinner and relaxed into easy conversation, there is a good chance lighting played a part. 

Warm lighting is:

  • A soft, even glow achieved by uplighting, lampshades or a diffuser
  • Low colour temperature lighting (close to tungsten orange)
  • A little luxurious, without being over the top

Take our 6-light Barlow pendant in nickel for example. With enough opulence to stand out, but not over the top or imposing, the Barlow is a perfect choice for Perth pendant lighting when you want to create a welcoming living or dining room.

7. Light up dim walkways

Sometimes a ‘less is more’ approach strikes the perfect balance between providing enough light without creating too stark a contrast. Defined by characteristics like softness, warmth, playful shapes and a diffused glow, the Durie Design gold sputnik multi pendant is just that. 

During the day, the Durie Design pendant will achieve height and warmth in any entry, hallway, living room or over the kitchen table. Then at night, you can leave the pendant on (or install a dimmer) to allow a gentle glow to guide your way on those midnight bathroom trips (or snack sessions – no judgement here).

Dim warm lighting allows you to see where you need to go without waking up your brain like cooler white and blue lights can.

Visit the Perth lighting experts for more

By now you should have a good idea of how lighting can truly tie a room together. Remember: it’s important to plan ahead, consider all the design features as well as the functionality of your lighting, and get creative. 

Lightingales’ Perth lighting studio is open for business with safety measures in place to keep our customers and staff safe. You are welcome to visit us in Claremont or call ahead to check we have what you are looking for. Perth’s best pendant lighting, feature globes, spotlights, lampshades and much more is all under one roof at Lightingales.