Pendant lights are an incredibly versatile style of lights that work in a variety of spaces, including kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms.

These chic lights have been growing in popularity, thanks in part to their versatile yet functional style, which suits a range of interior décor.

As professionals in lighting design, we’ve summarised how you can take the most common and popular pendant light styles on the market and incorporate them into your home.


Pendant Lighting Styles

A pendant light is classified as any lighting fixture that is suspended from the ceiling on a rod, chain or cord, providing either ambient or task lighting to your home.

Although pendant lights all have the same fixture, there are many styles you can choose from. Browse through the range of Lightingales pendant lights in Perth and you can have pendant lights in your home by the end of the day.



If you're after a stunning, versatile and ambient lighting fixture for your home, a chandelier pendant light is the way to go. Jazz up your entryway with a modern chandelier from Lightingales and have guests saying WOW as soon as they walk in – just don’t invite Sia over, or you may need to replace your chandelier!

Chandeliers add an instant feeling of opulence to your home, with the fixture giving off a warm, beautiful appeal whether it is turned on or off. The 7 Light Crystal Pendant is a striking modern chandelier that will bring a luxurious feel to your home, while the Cascade 10 LT Pendant is more reminiscent of the more historic charm of the chandelier.

If you think a chandelier is a little too old school for your taste, you’ll be surprised to know that they come in more modern designs, with a variety of sizes and shapes available to suit any home décor.



Drum shade pendant

Unsurprisingly, the drum shade pendant is named after their shape, which resembles a drum.

Drum shade pendants require a stretch of cloth or other material over a circular metal frame, with an array of design options available, making the drum shade pendant a great choice for a modern, ambient light in the living room or a more playful looking task light in a child’s bedroom.

The design of the drum shade allows it to be used as other ambient or task lighting, depending on whether or not the bottom of the shade is open or closed.

A popular drum shade pendant in the Lightingales range is the Jardin Antique Silver Pendant, which has been designed with the modern home in mind – making it a perfect choice for the dining table, island bench or bedroom.


Mini Pendant

If you're looking for a lighting fixture to shine in a small or restricted space, a mini pendant is the ideal choice.

Mini pendants are pendant lights that are less than 30cm (12 inches) wide. They are small and slim in size and shape, making them perfect for little study rooms or your reading corner, even bathrooms where you just need that extra bit of light.

The Giro 1 Pendant is a sleek, chic mini pendant that can be used to spruce up your space. Why not use a few mini pendants in a row along your island bench for a striking statement? 


Abstract Pendant

For those homeowners looking to push the boundaries with something a little different, abstract pendants are an exciting choice for pendant lights in Perth

Lighting designers are changing our expectations of how a light should look, trying and testing every material possible to safely house a lightbulb within a weird, yet wonderful design.

An abstract pendant may not be the best way to lighten up a task area, such as dining area or kitchen, but it can be used as a great statement piece in hallways and foyers, providing ambient light to the space.


Bowl Pendant

Your expectation of pendant light prior to reading this blog piece probably revolved around the appearance of bowl pendants, which are the most popular style of pendant lights.

This pendant style is the one of the most common type of pendant light because of its simple yet functional design. Bowl pendant lights are commonly used for task lighting, perfect for kitchen island benches.

Bowl pendants are also incredibly versatile, with a variety of designs, colours, shapes and textures to suit your home décor.  

One of our favourite bowl pendant lights is the Ambient Ceiling Light Shade L Metalic Copper 35DIA, which can light your space and act as a statement piece.


Void Pendant

As the name suggests, void pendants are ideal for illuminating narrow hallways and stairwells, where other lighting isn’t suitable.

Lightingales void pendants come in a range of modern, traditional, urban and rustic designs and styles, making them an easy addition to your home. The Theresa 5 LT Pendant is a stunning void pendant in the Lightingales range, with a geometric style sure to wow your guests.


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