When you are decorating a space, lighting should be one of the most important aspects you consider – the right mix of lighting can completely transform a room both aesthetically and practically.  

One simple way to give your room the lighting it deserves is with floor lamps, which work in unison with your other lighting to create an inviting, visually pleasing room for you and your family to enjoy. 

As they aren’t fixed to the wall or ceiling, floor lamps are a versatile solution to light your space. Plus, if you want to update your home décor, all you need to do is change the lampshade.

What Are You Buying A Floor Lamp For? 

Before you invest in a new floor lamp for your home, ask yourself these questions:

  • How much floor space do you have available? Will a floor lamp fit comfortably where you need it?
  • Does the floor lamp need to be moved around regularly or will it likely stay in the same spot?
  • Will you want to change the lampshades often?
  • Does the floor lamp need to be multipurpose?

Lightingales has a range of floor lamps, our variety includes modern floor lamps, outdoor, traditional, uplights and work or task-focused floor lamps.

Some floor lamps may even be compatible with ‘smart’ light bulbs, which allow you to change the colour or brightness of your floor lamp from a smartphone app.

Below are our recommendations for the best floor lamps in Perth, WA to use in your home. 

Floor Lamps for The Living Room

The perfect addition to your modern living room, the White & Chrome Camporale Floor Lamp features a geometric style base in chrome, which leads up to an elegant white fabric shade. 

This gorgeous lamp stands at an impressive 154cm tall, illuminating your dark living room or reading corner.

Floor Lamps for The Bedroom

The Copper Floor Lamp with Shade Extend brings an air of sophistication to your bedroom, featuring a copper base and stand with an ivory lampshade. 

The true beauty of this floor lamp is that the lamp shade is extendable, making it incredibly versatile for use in your bedroom where you might need different amounts of light. 

Floor Lamps for Your Study/Work Area 

The Cameo Floor Lamp is simple, yet stylish. This modern industrial floor lamp stands at 148cm tall and is matte black with chrome highlights

If you don’t have the space for a desk lamp, this floor lamp is the ideal solution as it comes with an adjustable lampshade.

Illuminate Your Space with a Lightingales Floor Lamp

Make the most of every room in your home with the perfect lighting solutions from Lightingales! 

At Lightingales, we stock an extensive range of stunning floor lamps in Perth, WA, as well as an array of lampshades, desk lamps, pendants, ceiling lights and more.

If you are redecorating during COVID-19, rest assured you can still chat with our friendly and knowledgeable team members for advice both in store and over the phone.

Contact Lightingales today for all the advice, customer service and stunning floor lamps you need to transform your space.