A buyer’s guide to wall lights 

Are you looking for that perfect piece of art to adorn a blank wall? Or feeling like the room could use a lift, but not sure what’s missing? This is the domain of our favourite new lighting design trend, wall lighting. 

The right wall lights – and we’re talking indoor and outdoor lights – are versatile, stylish, functional and a feature in themselves. Say goodbye to beside lamps Perth, we’re replacing them with wall lighting. And you can finally finish off the blank living room wall, or show off the garden you spent all of lockdown cultivating, with indoor and outdoor wall lights available at Lightingales.

Why you need wall lights 

Wall lights can be equally subtle and striking. Thanks to contemporary design trends making beautiful feature lighting affordable for every homeowner, you can – and should – choose wall lighting to match your décor, liven up the ambience, complement ceiling lighting, and add a little flair to your favourite piece of art on the wall.

Wall lights are incredibly versatile. They can be used for general room lighting, task lighting, safety, warmth and fill a blank space all in one. It is the finishing touch for any room, and a way to create a consistent style throughout your home, including the front and back yard.

Where to use a wall light


Wall lighting is a popular choice in the bedroom. Many Perth bedside lamps are being replaced by well-positioned wall lighting. Not only does this free up space on the bedside table, but it also allows for much better reading light.

Bathroom vanity 

Vanity lighting is a must-have in modern bathrooms. For balanced make-up application, smooth shaving, or just to get your best side every time you get ready to leave the house, good vanity lighting is your best friend. Our favourites are:









Home office or craft room 

Wall lights serve two purposes in any home office, study or craft room. First, they look great. And second, they provide focused light to work or read by. Here are some of our top choices, blending style and function:

The 2 types of wall lights

Wall lights are used to complement overhead lights, either by providing a focussed light or general glow. Where you are installing a wall light, and what it will be used for, will be the determining factors in whether you choose uplights or downlights.


Uplights like the Caxton wall light provide a general wash, working together with overhead lighting to add ambience to a large room or accenting a feature wall. You are most likely to find uplights in living rooms, hallways, or outdoors in garden beds. 

If you get creative, you can also use uplighting to create a soft glow when overhead lights are switched off for the night.


Downlights can also complement overhead lighting while focussing attention on a specific feature, artwork, or the ground (for safety). Use downlighting like the Albany 3w LED to provide proper lighting over stairs, or illuminate your favourite artwork on the wall. You can also use step lighting for safety and spectacular effect, both indoors and outdoors.  

Some sconces offer the best of both worlds, like the Albany dual uplight and downlight.

How to create a feature wall with a wall light

Wall lights can quickly turn a blank space into a fantastic feature wall, without shelling out for artwork or a new paint job. Even a subtle approach like our small LED wall light will transform your living room, and because the unit uses LED bulbs you know it will be light on energy use. Plus you can install coloured or smart LED globes to get creative with feature wall lighting. 

Or, you can choose to go bolder with something like the Eaton rose gold wall light, matched to natural and earthy tones. Just remember to consider the design aesthetic of your home in its entirety, to match wall lights with the rest of the décor for a holistic balance.

How to use a wall light for the outside of the house

You are certainly not restricted to interior walls when it comes to beautiful feature lighting. Outdoor lights serve a functional purpose, but there’s no reason the fixture needs to be plain or simple. Here at Lightingales, we are seeing a huge interest in coach style outdoor lights like the Coby brass wall light. Everything old is new again, as they say – and you can use that to your advantage.

Front yard

Use outdoor wall lighting to welcome visitors and illuminate your front door (or the feature garden you are so proud of). Choose from our wide range of coach lighting for a little dash of old-world charm on any modern home.

Backyard and alfresco

Whether dining outdoors, hosting a garden party or just relaxing when the weather is nice, outdoor lighting is your go-to design feature for a comfortable and well-lit space. Get creative with strip lighting at the base of your wall, or browse our wide range of modern LEDs ready to light up life in the backyard.

Wall lights guaranteed to make an impression

Whether indoors or outdoors, uplights or downlights, feature wall or functional, Lightingales have an extensive range of wall lights to suit any home. And we are still open for business with modified measures for customer and staff safety.

Browse our wall lights and outdoor lights online, or visit the Lightingales showroom along Stirling Highway in Claremont. We would be more than happy to help you choose the perfect wall light to accentuate and illuminate your home, inside and out.