Each home is so different – some are flooded with natural light, while others rely solely on artificial lighting to keep each room light and bright. 

When it comes to decorating our homes, we often take our time to find the perfect furniture, appliances and other décor, but unfortunately, we don’t afford lighting the same attention.

 For homes, and rooms more specifically, that require artificial lighting, the choice of lighting in Perth can make or break a room, highlighting a feature wall or casting half the room into darkness. 

If you’re looking for ways to incorporate lighting in your Perth home, read on! 

Best Lighting for Every Room in the House -

Lightingales has it All

Lightingales stocks an extensive range of lighting styles and types, guaranteed to suit the décor in each room of your home.

 The different types of lighting can be loosely grouped into three categories:

  • Ambient Lighting – also known as the general lighting in your room, providing the majority of the illumination.
  • Task Lighting – used to light an area used for a specific task, such as a study ore reading area.
  • Accent Lighting – used to illuminate accents in a room, such as architectural details, artworks or distinct features.



The kitchen is the heart of the home, full of good food, entertaining and memories with family and friends – so it would be a shame to miss out on the magic of these moments because of insufficient lighting or worse, have an accident because you can’t see!  

Kitchens often consist of ambient, task and accent lighting, all layered and used in unison to give you sufficient lighting throughout the day. 

 Our Top Lighting Tips for Kitchens

  • For kitchens with higher ceilings, you need to install more lighting to keep the room illuminated.
  • Ambient lighting, such as the Ruby 10W Downlight Brushed Aluminium 4000k from Lightingales, should be used as your base lighting
  • Use pendant lighting over island benchtops or other task-related areas to give your kitchen a contemporary feel while improving your lighting – check out the modern Aero 1 LT Pendant Black from Lightingales

 Living Room 

Your living room is another space that should utilise layered lighting, fusing ambient lighting, task lighting and accent lighting to give you a bright, multipurpose space fit for those Netflix binge sessions, a night reading on the couch or a relaxed weekend catch up with friends. 

 Our Top Lighting Tips for Living Rooms

  • Use dimmable ambient lights in your ceiling to really set the mood for that movie marathon or games night, such as Lightingales GU10 LED 5W 3000k Dimmable globes.
  • Make a statement by adding a pendant light, like a 5 Light Chandelier or the stunning 900mm White Veneer Pendant to flood the room with ambient light 
  • Use a chic floor lamp, like the Arc Floor Lamp, to give you a little extra light as you read on the coach.



A bedroom is meant to be a sanctuary of relaxation and rejuvenation – unless your partner snores, but unfortunately we can’t help you with that! What we can help with is lighting that illuminates all the right places. 

 Bedroom lighting should be a mix of ambient lighting, accent lighting and task, giving you enough general light to go about your day, with sconces or table lamps to help you with night time reading and getting ready in the morning and accent lighting to highlight prints or photos on your bedroom walls.

Our Top Lighting Tips for Bedrooms



Terrible bathroom lighting comes second only to the awful lighting used in retail store change rooms – unflattering lighting that hits all the wrong places! 

 In your bathroom, the most crucial lighting choice should be focused on your mirror, where you spend time preparing for the day. 

Our Top Lighting Tips for Bathrooms

  • Avoid centralised ambient lighting that can cast those awful shadows and stick to accent and task lighting.
  • Incorporate the Cube 4 Light Bar into your vanity to illuminate the area from above and consider using a light like the Mono Wall Light to give additional lighting to the space. 
  • Use some well-places sconces, like the Track 2 LT Wall Sconce, to add lighting to other areas within the bathroom.


Why Choose Lightingales

With almost 40 years of service in lighting industry, Lightingales has established a reputation as one of the best in the industry, with exceptional customer service and the best home lighting solutions on the market. 

If you’re after experienced guidance on lighting in Perth, you can’t go past the team at Lightingales – we even provide a home consultancy service, where we can develop a comprehensive lighting plan for your home. 

Contact Lightingales for professional service and top class products that will light up your life.