It is hard to comprehend that our home lighting has changed so dramatically in the last 200 years – from being lit by candlelight, oil lamps or gas lights to the first electric lights and now, a range of different light bulbs that keep our homes bright.

 These days, we are fortunate enough to have a number of choices available, giving us the option between white light or warm light in our homes – but choosing the right temperature of lighting for a room can be tricky, especially if you're not a light aficionado!

 At Lightingales, we enjoy taking you through how white light, warm light or daylight can work to create ambience and give you optimum use of your space.

What is Colour Temperature?

Warm and white refer to the ‘colour temperature’ of the light and it is measure in Kelvin (K) - the higher the Degrees Kelvin of a light, the whiter the colour temperature.

As confusing it sounds, colour temperature is the shade of light emitted by a light bulb, not the heat generated by the light.

White Light vs Warm Light vs Daylight: What's Better?

Whether you’ve just blown a light globe, you’re doing renovations or you’re building a new home entirely, understanding how different lighting in Perth impacts a room can make a huge difference to the mood and even functionality of your home. 

So, which is better? Warm light, white light or daylight?

The truth is, they're all ideal, but it depends on the space you're putting it in. 

Warm Light

Also known as ‘soft white’, warm light is classified as light between 2700K – 3300K.

Warm light gives off a soft, yellowish light, which better for relaxing and giving any room a cosy and homely feel. 

Where to Use Warm Light: This gentle light is best suited to rooms that require overall illumination with a gentler light, such as the dining room, living room or bedrooms. Warm light may also be a good choice for use in outdoor spaces.  

White Light

Also known as ‘cool light’ or ‘bright white’, white light is classified by light between 3300K - 5300K

White light, while quite neutral in colour, does produce a slightly blue hue, making it better suited for spaces where you may need to concentrate or see more detail. For reference, many businesses use this type of light throughout office spaces as it can help to promote productivity and alertness. 

Where to Use White Light: This more neutral coloured light is suited to your kitchen, home office, vanity or garage.


Daylight is the harshest, brightest of light; it is classified as a light between 5300K – 6500K, with the light most closely compared to the kind of light you experience at midday. 

This type of light produces a slightly blue hue, which can help people to be more productive, attentive and awake.

Where to Use Daylight: This cold, white light is often described as quite harsh and sterile, so it should be reserved for bathrooms, the laundry or for intricate project spaces in your garage or workspace.

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